The NFL Draft kicked off Thursday night in Nashville, Tennessee.

The city isn't just known for country music -- it's also apparently the bachelorette party capitol of the country. But all the focus on football is putting a damper on some of the pre-wedding festivities.

The NFL is closing streets, pushing pedal taverns off Broadway, and bringing in hundreds of thousands of football fans -- infiltrating bachelorette party headquarters.

"It just changes like the crowd, like what you're here for, like I don't wanna hang out with a bunch of football guys, nope, I'm good I already have to watch football on Sundays I don't need to see anymore of that," said Cyndi Lundeberg.

For the parties we talked to, the NFL Draft came as a shock. So instead, they're coming up with plans.

"The person who's gonna pay for this is my husband when I refuse to watch football the entire season... I'm talking no Superbowl. Nope... because you get married once how often does the draft happen? Every frickin' year. Every year," said Lundeberg.

Putting a little damper on these ladies' 'one last fling before the ring.'

"Like the worst."