HONOLULU - All this week we've been gearing up for the Hawaii World Class Wedding Expo.

Macy Lee with Ben Bridge Jewelers sat down with GMH to talk about this year's event.

Q: What makes Ben Bridge different from other jewelers? 

A: Ben Bridge has been around for over a hundred years. We strive to make long term relationships with our customers and help celebrate every special moment. We are also a part of American Gem Society, which only 5% of retailers are qualified. Integrity is very important to us and we hope to create for life customers. 

Q: What items did you bring today? 

A: I brought some of my favorite pieces and brands. Here we have our Exclusive Ben Bridge Signature Diamond Collection. This collection has one of the most beautiful fire and only 1% of diamonds that are mined are qualified, due to their high standards. Next to it I have our Ben Bridge Bella Ponte brand which we had create less than a year ago. This brand is for the bride who wants something different, whether it is vintage, modern or traditional we can make it happen. Not only that, but every item from Bella Ponte that is purchased, you will receive a My Story card. Which is basically the birth certificate and included are images of the process your ring went through to be created.

Q: What other items did you bring?

A: I also brought men jewelry. We can't forget about the men. We have some great groom gifts. I also brought our very own Lisa Bridge Collection who is our CEO. Next to it are some great bridesmaid gifts and some beautiful gemstone to pop some color. 

Hawaii World Class Wedding Expo
Hawaii Convention Center
Friday:  6:00P -10:00P | Saturday:  11:00A - 5:00P
April 26 and 27, 2019