Manoa, HAWAII - Trouble for the head coach of the top-ranked UH Manoa men's volleyball team. Charlie Wade's under investigation by the U.S. Center for SafeSport regarding an allegation of misconduct with a female athlete. This news comes just a week before the big UH Men's volleyball tournament.

The university acknowledged on Thursday that Wade has been under investigation. UH Communications spokesman Daniel Meisenzahl told reporters on Thursday at a press conference that the alleged incident happened about 30 years ago in California when Wade was coaching a club volleyball team.

"UH takes any allegations of misconduct seriously. The university is actively reviewing the matter and is awaiting the conclusion of the SafeSport investigation," said Meisenzahl.

SafeSport is an independent sports entity. Even though the U.S. Center for SafeSport and USA Volleyball suspended Wade last year, he can still coach for UH under NCAA rules. 

The team has a big tournament next week. "It casts a dark cloud," acknowledged Meisenzahl, ahead of this match.

Fans say they're surprised. Blaise Evora said, "I was genuinely surprised by that. I had no prior knowledge. It was a huge shock to me. Crazy. This news coming out of nowhere."

Another fan, Kayla, who didn't want to give her last name, said she tries to catch as many matches as she can, and the impression she takes away from the court is, "He’s a really nice coach. Seems like a chill guy. Seems strict as a coach, but a really nice guy." Do the allegations surprise her? "Yeah it does. I wouldn’t expect someone like him to be accused."

Wade has coached the top-ranked men's volleyball team through the current season. Meisenzahl said, "In his years at UH, as the women's volleyball assistant coach and as the men's coach, he has never been accused of this type of misconduct and has always handled himself with the highest level of professionalism."

Wade's attorney Michael Green says his client is innocent, and that this was created as a distraction to the upcoming tournament. Green and UH say they're waiting for an update from SafeSport.

Wade was not available for comment. UH Athletics did not allow media to talk to the men's volleyball team, but says the team members are aware of this new and are choosing to focus on finals and that upcoming tournament.