The latest shark attack, turned a relaxing time on the water into moments of terror for a part-time Hawaii couple.    

"Anaeho'omalu Bay" re-opened a day after a shark attack.
While things at the beach return to normal, two part-time Hawaii residents are left with a scar and memories they'll never forget. 

Anaehoomalu bay is an important place for Kimberly Bishop and her husband Kim.

"We got engaged on A Bay 35 years ago, on the beach there," said Kimberly.

Since 1984, they've been coming to the island and are now part-time Hawaii residents, who like to spend their time kayaking and paddle boarding. Especially looking at the marine life at A Bay.

"We've never seen a shark at A Bay. We've seen dolphins and a whale, but not sharks," added Kimberly.

That changed when a shark attacked Kimberly's kayak Tuesday morning.

"The shark hit the side of the kayak, and tipped it over, then chomped into my leg," said Kimberly.

"She started yelling, 'Shark! Shark!', i turned and saw she was capsizing. She fell and tried to put her body across the kayak but I could see the fins behind her. They were right behind her!" exclaimed Kim.

After the attack, canoe paddlers helped Kimberly get quickly to shore. She was then airlifted to the North Hawaii Community Hospital with a big bite in her leg.

"It is a curved bite mark above and below the knee that is 12-13 inches in diameter," said Kim.

The Department of Land & Natural Resources, which tracks shark bites, is still investigating to determine the type of shark involved and its size. But the Bishops believe it was much bigger than the 5ft reef shark initially reported.

"It was very a big shark. It wasn't a reef shark, and it especially was NOT just a 5 foot shark," stated Kim.

Kimberly said she is recovering nicely following surgery. Her doctors stitched and stapled her leg back together.

"I can walk on my leg, and it has feeling in it. The bite didn't hit any arteries, or nerves. I was very lucky," added Kimberly.
She was also lucky her husband was nearby, and paddlers quickly rushed her to shore.
Which is why she makes this recommendation for anyone going into the ocean:

"Never head out on the water alone."

As far as Kimberly is concerned, she said she will head back out on her kayak after she heals.
But will start with a lake or river first, before eventually working her way back to the open ocean again.