City Council members now getting into the debate over the city's controversial "master plan" for Ala Moana regional park.

The proposed plan eliminates makai side parking, adds wider walkwalks, perpendicular stalls, a dog park and a playground. 

Honolulu City Council Interim Chair Ann Kobayashi and Councilmember Mike Formby introduced a resolution Tuesday opposing some of those changes.

"Perpendicular parking is a safety issue. People pull out into the road frontwards. If it's perpendicular, people are backing out into the road. And that's why people are opposed to it," Honolulu City Councilmember Ann Kobayashi said.

"One of the cries was increasing parking for Ala Moana without affecting the land area for activities, so I think perpendicular parking was a means of doing that," Department of Design and Construction Clifford Lau said. 

The resolution passed through committee and now heads back to the full council.