Garments galore are taking the spotlight at Honolulu Community College.

Sixteen seniors are putting the final touches on their designs as they prepare for this weekend's big show. 

Each student is required to create at least 5 pieces for their collection. 

Designer Ashleigh Brunke is busy crafting a 6th look. 

Her line is vintage inspired- an aesthetic she's clung to ever since she was a little girl.

"We would go to garage sales, we would watch old movies and I sort of fell in love," HCC Fashion Technology senior Ashleigh Brunke said. 

"I love the fabric. I love the silhouettes and I think that they pay a lot of attention to the way a woman's body is. The way the curves are and what really accentuates the body," Brunke said.

Jorge Luna is excited about showcasing his luxury resort wear line. 

The Mexico native died his fabric by hand- wanting the tones to resemble an unforgettable moonlit night in Kailua. 

"It's like how beautiful and blue in the movement of the sky and the clouds and the ocean from there I decided to go with silk- and I just threw all the colors I saw that day and see what just came up," Senior Jorge Luna said.

Students started creating their collections in January. Its been a whirlwind for many ever since. 

Kaitlin Sundborg is busy stitching together delicate trimming. The Roosevelt High grad has taken a liking to sewing since she was in middle school. 

"I took some lessons from a lady in her garage and she drafted everything from scratch and I just thought it was magic," Senior Kaitlin Sundborg said.

Her pieces are fashioned after traditional kimono, she also spun in a taste of her love of cosplay.

"I want them to feel like it's Halloween regardless, whether it's really Halloween or not," Sundborg said.

Aspiring designers in the making, they're hoping to win over their instructors with their style.