Finding parking around town can be a challenge. Something Therese Magsipoc had to deal with when she worked in Downtown Honolulu. 

"There’s this understanding with all my colleagues, if you want to find good parking, you either have to go there super early or stay super late and just the best bet was to take the bus mostly," Therese Magsipoc, Oahu resident, said. 

A Honolulu City Council bill wants to add car sharing around the city as another way to get around. 

"For the first and last mile for those using the bus and future down the road, for rail. But also for people that wanna do grocery shopping or errands that don't have the luxury of owning a car, they could rent a car for a couple minutes, a few hours and return it back," Honolulu City Council member Brandon Elefante, said. 

It's a service that's already available with private companies like Hui Car Share but this measure would expand the service to city streets instead of just private parking lots. 
The bill limits the amount of stalls that could be taken away to two stalls per block. But commuters like Magsipoc doesn't think that's the best idea.

"Traffic is so bad and I don’t see how that would taking away from the stalls would make it more effective," Magsipoc said. 

If the bill becomes law, companies would have to apply to reserve the parking spaces and pay annual fees - $1,500 for every stall. Plus a $20 parking stall sticker for each car in the fleet. 
Companies can also decide if customers will help pay those fees.  The measure will be heard by the council budget committee on Wednesday.