EWA BEACH, Hawaii - Lorelei Ferrer said she didn't notice anything suspicious about her two pet macaws when she returned to her West Loch home around midnight on Saturday. The next morning around 6 a.m., she came out to her front lawn where she kept the birds to feed them like usual. 

"I went out here and their cage was gone. I was just sad because, that's what I do in the morning before everything else," explained Ferrer, who found only the bottom part of the cage lying on the road in front of her house.

President of Aloha Hawaiian Parrot Association Cinde Fisher calls macaws "very valuable." She said the thieves most likely had a motive to resell them. 

"Whoever the thieves are are not parrot lovers. Parrot lovers don't do this. They want the money," said Fisher. "Any person, breeder, or retailer might want to be on the alert for someone attempting to sell one or two macaws."

Ferrer said she's had the two macaws, named Barbie Blue and Cue Boo, for 12 years. The female, Barbie, is blue and gold, and the male is green.

"We do strongly advise anyone who owns a parrot not to keep it 24/7 outdoors. Parrots love being outside and getting their sunshine, but they should be supervised during that time and then brought indoors at night," explained Fisher. 

Now, Ferrer is asking for the public's help in keeping their eyes and ears open. "The macaw is the largest parrot that exists here in Hawaii. They're very loud, so we urge folks in the West Loch or surrounding Ewa Beach neighborhood to listen for that loud squawking that they make," said Fisher. 

Fisher urges anyone who sees them to call police and the owner at (808) 319-5327.