What is Money Menders and how did you get started?

We started when we noticed that most people are managing their own finances. Every month you need to consider managing your credit and debt, having emergency funds,and building your savings.  Plus extra planning if your getting married or preparing to buy your first home.  It's a lot to do on your own!

We help people build the future they want, and we support them along the way. This is Hawaii's easy and affordable way to get your finances taken care of!

What are the main benefits people get from Money Menders?

The benefits are different for everybody because everything we do is personalized, but we focus on three main things. First we make it easy to manage your money by building a organized set up. Second we focus on saving or earning you more money with personalized strategies. Third, we are always available for support through anything that comes up.

As we work with our members we noticed a wide range of benefits, from raising their credit, learning a new way to save money, or getting on track to buying their first home. Overall the biggest benefit is that we are able to give each person specific guidance based on their situation and goals. 

How has it been going for your members?

Now that we have been in business for over a year, we can confidently say that our members have been successful. When people first get started they seem really relieved, as they follow the process, they become confident. I think it's because they can see their finances improving and how they are moving toward their goals. 

Our team is proud of our members for how far they have came and we are excited to see where our members get by the end of this year.

If someone is interested in trying it out, how would they get started?

Getting started is easy with our free trials! Once members sign up we do have a monthly fee of $25.  But we have to make sure people benefit from our service and like working with our team.  Starting is simple, just contact us and we can send you info on what you get in the free trial. If it sounds good we can get started right away with our first meeting or phone call.  There is no risk and and the meetings are usually pretty fun.


95-100 Lelewalo Street

8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Available 7 days a week

(808) 221-3157