Riders get ready, according to HART, 16 miles of the 20 mile project are expected to be running in the next 4 years.

"Oh yeah of course yes I'd love to ride rail," Chinatown resident Miran Veaty said.

HART says construction is moving faster than expected between Aloha Stadium and Middle Street.

Officials have already promised passengers who ride during this limited service can expect to see a train every ten minutes.

KITV4 spoke with commuters Friday and learned that some are looking forward to the opening, others are still critical of HART's plans.

"Your first word was limited. Yeah limited because only from there to there. What about the people over here? What about Kahala? If they working in town, how is it going to help them?" Waimanalo resident John Tavares said.

"Even though it's limited, you're looking forward to it?" KITV4 asked Waipahu resident Victoria De Los Santos.

"Oh yes, yes," she answered. "Because I know it will reach my destination faster, I tried in Canada, I've tried in Japan so I know it will work here."

The full 20 mile rail route from Kapolei to the Ala Moana Center is still expected to open by 2025 but as taxpayers know, the $9 billion project has had its shares of delays and cost over-runs.

According to HART, the commute from Downtown to Kapolei would take about 38 minutes.

From Ala Moana Center to the Airport would be about 16 minutes

Kaka'ako to Aloha Stadium, about 19 minutes, and Chinatown to Pearl Harbor is estimated to take around 14 minutes.