Honolulu City Councilmember-elect Tommy Waters is eager to hit the ground running.

Waters says there's a 20-day waiting period where the City Office of Elections can audit the results from Saturday's District Four Special Election. 

His opponent, Trevor Ozawa can also contest the results.

When that waiting period ends May 3rd, Waters says among his priorities is tackling the high cost of living.

"I always talked about on the campaign trail how my 2004 Toyota Tundra cost $520 to re-register you know and that hits hard. I'm an attorney, I can afford it but could you imagine a family of four having to pay that kind of money and have multiple cars getting their kids to and from school? Let's look at seeing how we can reduce those fees," Waters said.

Waters beat Ozawa by 1,004 votes. This is the third time the two have faced off. 

Both previous times, Waters lost to Ozawa, in vote margins of 41 and 22.