Bookmakers will have to dig deep into their pockets to pay off bettors who believed Tiger Woods could win the masters.

Fanduel says the Woods win cost the company more than $2 million -- $1 million in fantasy entry fees refunded as promised if Tiger won. And more than $1 million in payouts to those who bet on him.

One better placed $85,000 thinking Tiger would win, and won $1.2 million.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture released its 2017 Census of Agriculture Monday morning indicating the total number of farms in Hawaii increased by about 5 percent since the last census in 2012.

The overall value of those farms fell, however, most due to the end of sugar operations on Maui.

The greatest increase in the number of farms came from small farms between one to nine acres.

Honolulu leads the United States for solar power per person among cities surveyed in the latest 'Shining Cities' report by Environment America.

When it came to total solar power installed in the station, Honolulu was 4th behind Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix.

The U.S. now has enough solar power installed to power about 10 percent of homes.

More Americans are showing up for work high.

Of 10 million workplace drug tests, 4.4 percent came out positive, according to lab testing company Quest Diagnostics.

That's the highest number since 2004.