For about a dozen people, the area behind the Children's Discovery Center in Kakaako is home.

Jessica Barry-Okahara brings her kids, Joshua and Ava to the center every month to learn and play.

"Even when there were a lot of people camped around, we still came to support because this is a wonderful opportunity for children that kids really do learn so much here," Barry-Okahara said. 

The center has been in Kakaako since 1998. The center says it sees about 120,000 visitors every year.
Kids do run around outside the center, sometimes near those living spaces. 
Some community members think that's too close for comfort so they asked state lawmakers to help ensure the space is safe for everyone. There were also claims of theft, harassment and vandalism in the past decade near the center.
A House Concurrent Resolution urges the state and the city to start a task force, develop strategies and a plan that'll assist those on the streets. 

"Everybody needs to feel safe coming in and out of the Discovery Center but we also want to respect the homeless. We want to make sure they also feel safe and they have some place to be so I think if we can find a compromise there, everybody will be healthier," Barry-Okahara said. 

The center recognizes the homeless situation is a complex issue, but one that's necessary to tackle. 

"I think that was the idea behind the resolution is just to get everybody to focus on the fact that we want this to be healthy safe and clean," Loretta Yajima, chair of the board and CEO, Hawaii's Children's Discovery Center, said.

The resolution also asks for a report with recommendations to be submitted 20 days before the next legislative session. It'll be heard by the senate human services committee at the Capitol Monday at 3 p.m.