As a true freshman in 2017, Saint Louis School grad and Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was the clear back up until he led his team back in the 2nd half of the National Championship.

 All through spring and summer camp leading into week one of the 2018 season he was in a starting quarterback battle with Jalen Hurts. For the first time now in Tagovailoa's college career he is the clear number one guy and won't have to look over his shoulder.

This spring realizing that taking care of himself is top priority.

"Playing quarterback they are not all going to be designed runs but you got to extend plays as well. I think what Coach Nick Saban is trying to say is that if you do extend plays, if it is first down and the sticks are right there, I don't have have to put my head down and try to get another first down. I can slide and we have three more downs, two more downs to get the first down. Little things like that to protect myself," Tua Tagovailoa said. 

Regarding his mentorship of his brother Taulia who graduated early to participate in spring football, there is some tough love but it is making him better.

"It's a business you got to work for what he wants. If he wants to be successful here, it's not going to be given whether his brother is the quarterback here or not, even if our father was the head coach here, he would still have to work the same. I had the opportunity to bring my brother here, late at night, probably about 12:30 or 1 and just sat down with him in our offensive staff meeting room and just watched film with him. He wanted to know things he saw out there and I got to help him with that," Tagovailoa.