LILIHA, Hawaii - The older we get, the more we're at risk for having a stroke or developing dementia, according to experts. There's a medical facility right here in Honolulu dedicated to helping people who suffer from those kinds of brain and spine problems- and more. It's called Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience.

Neurologist Dr. Kore Liow works with patients who have memory issues like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's Disease. He's just one of more than half a dozen doctors at Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience, or HPN. "HPN is a multi-disciplinary neuroscience center where we bring some of the best specialists from around the world to care for people with neurological disorders," he sums up.
HPN says it's the leading and largest neuroscience care center in Hawaii. About half of HPN's 26,000 patients are seniors. Dr. Liow adds, "One of the things we like working with is the elderly. We have physicians who specialist in geriatrics, adult neurology, dementia."
It's unique in Hawaii because it takes a holistic approach to wellness. The doctors come to the patient. "In memory you may need a geriatrician, neurologist, and researcher. That's what we do. We bring all the specialists together at a center, like a Memory Center, for the patients," explains Dr. Liow.
Dr. Liow says they give more than medical help. "Do they need power of attorney? Help with finances? Help with their living situation? We want to make sure we're involved with that as well," he says.

HPN is also a clinical research center working with heavy hitters like the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic. Some of HPN's patients can join its Clinical Research Center and try cutting edge treatments that could help slow or stop their illness. "Because of the research we're doing, we're able to bring groundbreaking equipment to the state and research options to patients," he says.

More than treating diseases and finding cures, Dr. Liow says what he's proud of is that Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience is a place of healing and hope- helping patients and their families at a difficult time.