State Senate Committee votes down Nolan Espinda for another 4-year term as public safety director. 

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Hawai’i’s public safety director faces a confirmation hearing in hopes of securing a second term.

Public Safety Director Nolan Espinda is up for a second term and Thursday -- he has a tough confirmation hearing ahead of him. He'll go before the State Senate Committee on Public Safety where lawmakers will review his performances over the past few years. 

Espinda has faced public scrutiny over how our state correctional facilities are run in recent months.

In February, state sheriff's deputies shot and killed a man after an altercation at the State Capitol. In March, an OCCC inmate was shot and killed by a guard after he escaped.

Most recently, there was a massive riot at the Maui jail where inmates injured several staff members, set fires and caused major damage to the facility. Public safety officials say that was caused by overcrowding.

Despite criticism, Espinda has received the full support of Governor David Ige. 

The State Senate Committee on Public Safety, Intergovernmental, and Military Affairs will discuss Espinda's confirmation today at 1:15 Thursday afternoon.