HONOLULU - Following a pair of deadly shootings involving Department of Public Safety officers, some are questioning why officers don't have "less lethal" weapons to choose from. 

The department is asking for more money and for more alternatives this legislative session. This comes after two recent shootings involving State Sheriff's deputies.

Department of Public Safety law enforcement personnel have been trained with tasers and other less lethal weapons, but didn't use those weapons in two instances around the State Capital.

Instead -- the suspects who did not comply with officers -- were shot and killed. Even though the officers have been trained with tasers, the only less-lethal weapons available to them are pepper spray and batons.

Part of the reason is that the department says it doesn't have enough tasers for officers. DPS claims it's requested less lethal guns and weapons like tasers, but says the state legislature hasn't approved the funding. 

The union representing those officers tells KITV4, that DPS has been dragging its feet when it comes to changing important policies, including these types of weapons.

"They are sitting on it and it is long overdue, and we can't understand why it has taken so long, in some cases years to get policies updated," said Randy Perreira, Hawaii Government Employee Association.

Perreira believes the Public Safety Department has delayed as many three dozen other policies as well.

Public Safety Director Nolan Espinda has a confirmation hearing set for Thursday. 

State lawmakers tell KITV4 they are hoping to get more answers to this and other issues during that hearing.