HONOLULU - In-person voting for the District IV special election begins Monday. 

If you live in District IV, the polls at Honolulu Hale will open at 8 a.m. 

The special election for Honolulu City Council's District IV seat is a rematch between Trevor Ozawa and Tommy Waters. 

Ozawa won the election by just 22 votes in November. But the Supreme Court invalidated his victory over an issue with absentee ballots not being counted. 

A reminder to residents -- every vote counts! 

The polls will be open Monday through Saturday, April 13th. Make sure you bring at least one form of identification. That can be your driver's license, a utility bill or even a bank statement that shows your address. 

In order for mail-in ballots to be counted -- they have to be received by the City Clerk's office by 6 p.m. on April 13th. You can mail those or drop them off at the City Clerk's office. 

If you still need to register to vote, you can also do that at Honolulu Hale. 

As of Friday, the Office of the City Clerk has received 17,752 vote-by-mail ballots.