HONOLULU - There's a renewed push to protect tourists and reduce crime in Waikiki. That was the focus of the 2nd annual Visitor Public Safety Conference held Thursday at the Prince Waikiki.

It's a collaboration between tourism experts, law enforcement, military and local leaders. The need came last year after a string of violent crimes on Lewers ST.

Some of the concerns brought up were repeat offenders, drug dealers and the homeless crisis.

Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard said,  "what I asked them at this conference, is about why are the homeless there. Are they there because we are giving them services or someone is giving them stuff? So why should they leave if they're getting clothing and money.?"

Hawai'i lodging and Tourism Association Mufi Hanneman said, "homelessness is continuing to be a problem. The concept of having a lift aspect where they can have opportunities to be at parks and stay there temporarily and then be moved to permanent housing after that."

They now plan on developing an action plan with the feedback.