HONOLULU - A play that hits close to home. Allegiance follows a Japanese-American family after the Pearl Harbor attack. 

An actor in the play sat down with GMH for a Q&A.

Q: Tell me a little bit about Allegiance.

A: Allegiance is the story of the Kimura family, whose lives are upended when they, as Japanese-Americans, are forced to leave their homes following the events of Pearl Harbor. It's an uplifting story about the power of the human spirit and is based on the true-life experiences of George Takei. Allegiance follows the family as they struggle with the tough choices a family must make between love of family and love of country in a difficult time of national fear and uncertainty.

Q: What role do you play?

A: I play Nurse Hannah, a Quaker nurse who Sammy Kimura falls for in the camp. Our relationship is forbidden so it creates a lot of drama for the characters.

Q: You're originally from Hawaii yes? Where did you go to school and how does it feel coming back home to work?

A: I am from Kaneohe and went to Castle High School and was of course a Bright Kid! It's been so wonderful coming home and being able to work professionally while spending time with friends and family and of course enjoying all my favorite foods! 

The play begins Thursday March 28th and runs through Sunday, April 7th.