NEW YORK (AP) - The lawyer for a woman who posed as a German heiress to live the New York City high life says his client never intended to commit a crime.
Todd Spodek told jurors at Anna Sorokin's trial Wednesday that the 28-year-old took advantage of a system that's "easily seduced by glamour and glitz."
Sorokin is charged with swindling various people and businesses out of $275,000 in a 10-month odyssey that included jetting to Marrakesh before landing in a jail cell.
Sorokin is accused of living in luxury hotels she couldn't afford, promising a friend a free trip and then sticking her with the bill, and peddling bogus bank statements in a quest for a $22 million loan.
Spodek said Sorokin "had to fake it until she could make it." He argued her actions were civil matters, not criminal.