Overcrowded jails in Hawaii is a problem that has at least one State lawmaker claims the legislature this session is doing nothing about.

Representative Gregg Takayama fears more riots like last week's case at the Maui Community Correctional Facility will continue to happen if nothing gets done to reduce the state's prison population.

The House passed two bills this session that could've addressed the issue according to Takayama but both were shot down by the Senate this week.

"This Legislative session it doesn't appear that we are going to do anything and we have the opportunity, it's staring us in the face that overcrowding is a major problem," Takayama said. 

Representative Takayama said more than half of inmates in Hawaii's jails are pre-trial detainees, or inmates that have yet to be convicted of any crimes.

Takayama says the House's bail reform bill could have led to many of those inmates staying out of jail while they await their trials.