An Arizona mother is accused of locking her seven adopted children in a closet, pepper spraying and starving them if they didn't perform properly in YouTube videos. 

Another family who makes similar videos and collaborated with two of the kids recently says they didn't notice anything amiss. 

About two weeks ago, the kids of Extreme Toys TV welcomed two other children from a YouTube channel in Maricopa to come shoot a video at their home. 

Parents Zed and Tawney Schnorr said they immediately deleted the video and took down any pictures of that day after learning that their adoptive mother is accused of abusing those kids for years.

According to the report, the kids told police that if they didn't want to cooperate with the YouTube videos, or could not recall their lines, they would be brutally punished. 

"I don't know how you sleep at night. My kids are my everything and if they came to me and said that they didn't want to do YouTube, then it would be over," said mother Tawny Schnorr.  

The Schnorrs said they'll likely take a break from their YouTube channel, as this just hits too close to home. 

The couple also says they never met Machelle Hobson. 

The two boys who came over to work on the video were driven by her two adult sons. Those men face charges for failing to report the abuse.