HONOLULU - Candidate for District IV, Tommy Waters, joined the Good Morning Hawaii team to discuss the upcoming special election.

Q: Today the ballots are being mailed to some  66,000 registered voters in Council District Four. The election is April 13. What are the major issues facing the district?    

A: Thank you for having me here today and for the question. First of all to the residents of District Four, I urge you no matter who you plan to vote for, please be sure to vote. Don't chuck those ballots, and if you aren't registered to vote you can register and vote in person at City Hall starting April 1 through election day.
On to the issues. There are many concerns, a rise in unsheltered homelessness, crime, traffic, the rising cost of living and fact that illegal vacation rentals are getting worse. These problems have escalated in the past four years which is why I'm running.  We need people who are serious about hard work and real solutions. 

Q: Now yesterday on Good Morning Hawaii your opponent Trevor Ozawa criticized Mayor Caldwell and said you would be a "rubber stamp" to the administration. Your response?

A: Unfortunately my opponent mischaracterizes a lot of things.  I am not a rubber stamp to the Mayor or anyone else for that matter.  I would not raise property taxes for rail. My opponent seems to forget that he was a YES vote on a number of key bills over the last couple of years at the City Council and in fact provided a proviso to allow for property taxes to be used for rail before his colleagues killed it.  In fact I disagree with the Mayor on a number of things like his handling of monster homes and the Ala Moana Park plan.  My duty is to the people and I'll fight every day for what's best for our district. The difference between my opponent and I is that I can work with people I disagree with so our community doesn't suffer due to personal politics." 

Q: When you walk your district what are people worried about?  

A: Many issues.  A lot of folks talk about cost of living.  We need to act on creative solutions to lower our cost of living. The increased value in our homes means more money in property taxes for city coffers, so let's give homeowner and by extension renters a break by giving some of that surplus back.  Let's rein in escalating costs like vehicle registration fees and keeping a check on the mayor's proposal to tax trash pickup, which I oppose. 
I'm running to fight for our community and like I stressed before we need to work together. Otherwise, I'm afraid that my kids and your kids aren't going to be able to afford Hawaii.  I have personal experience on that front.  Even though my five siblings and I were born and raised here, I'm the only one still here.  My folks moved to the mainland (where they passed away) along with all my brothers and sisters.  I want to fight for local people to live and stay in Hawaii. That's why we need leadership with Aloha.