Quaint shops inside historic buildings line Lahaina's Front Street. With stores within walking distance it's shopping made easy for visitors.

However, in recent years one area employer said several aggressive cosmetic salespeople with numerous storefronts have prevented other businesses from bustling. 

"I get direct complaints from our guests that are just coming in to have lunch, and while they're walking down the streets they get hawked too," Jack Starr, Assistant General Manager of Kimo's Restaurant said. 

Jack Starr helps run Kimo's, a nearby local eatery. As the Vice President for the Lahaina Town Action Committee, he sees and hears the complaints.

"These people are coming out of their store and hassling them," Starr said.

These so-called Predatory Cosmetic Store practices have gotten the attention from state officials, they say it's gotten out of control. 

"People were being physically grabbed, were being harassed, were being intimidated from not leaving the store," Maui Representative Angus McKelvey said.

McKelvey said the issue goes beyond certain retailers using forceful and intimidating sales tactics, it's become a safety concern. 

"One woman got the makeup put on her face, came screaming into the gallery next door. Her face was burning to use the employee restroom and sent them to Maui Medical," McKelvey said. 

His resolution would get the county to crack-down on the businesses.

"They can decide what businesses pose a health and safety risk, and they can not have those businesses operate.This clearly fits the bill in my mind," McKelvey said. 

 It's the price of beauty the state says comes with an ugly set of problems.