HONOLULU - Wednesday morning two 12-year-old boys were hit while riding their bikes, coincidentally relating to a recent study that came out reflecting the Safest and Most Dangerous Cities in America for Cyclists.

To gather the data across the nation, YourLocalSecurity compared data from Census.gov, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, People for Bikes and The League of American Bicyclists. The information included the number of fatal crashes, amount of bike lanes, what bikes laws are in place in each city and the percentage of bike commuters.

Compared to over 700 cities in the U.S. Honolulu was ranked 563 on the list.

Most of the top ten safest cities for cyclists are in California. In fact, Davis, CA came in first place due to city leaders' careful planning and bicycle education safety.

The study also noted that 36 cities that currently have no protected bike lanes have either proposed or are working on building them.

10 Safest Cities

  1. DAVIS, California
  2. BERKELEY, California
  3. BOULDER, Colorado
  4. EUGENE, Oregon
  5. PALO ALTO, California
  6. CHICO, California
  7. MOUNTAIN VIEW, California
  8. FORT COLLINS, Colorado
  9. SANTA BARBARA, California
  10. NEW HAVEN, Connecticut

10 Most Dangerous Cities

  1. LOS ANGELES, California
  2. NEW YORK CITY, New York
  4. JAMESTOWN, North Dakota
  5. FARGO, North Dakota
  6. HOUSTON, Texas
  7. WATERLOO, Iowa
  8. SIOUX CITY, Iowa
  9. JOHNSTON, Iowa
  10. DES MOINES, Iowa