When it comes to innovation-Hawaii ranks 45th.

WalletHub measured its state for education, research and development especially in areas like science, technology and engineering.

One thing holding Hawaii back was the slow internet speed.

Many Americans working full time would rather work part time but can't due to health care costs.

They include single mothers, baby boomers approaching retirement and disabled people.

It had been rising the first few years after the affordable care act took effect in 2014 and provided part-time and freelance workers, as well as the unemployed, less expensive health insurance options than they previously had.

Walmart will no longer price-match competitors in stores after May 14th.

Walmart said it's ending the program because it already offers the lowest prices in most cases.

Outraged customers have accused Walmart of killing the program to save money.

The popular price-matching tool that automatically refunded customers for any price differences between Walmart and its competitors.

The White House is calling on congress to cap how much graduate students and parents of undergraduates can borrow in federal student loans.

A proposal it said is aimed at curbing rising college costs.

Limits vary based on how close they are to graduation.