HONOLULU - An Oahu-based movie production team is on a hot streak right now, and it's hoping it will benefit Hawaii's film industry as a whole. "Dillon" is a 16-minute psychological drama starring Michael Camp, about a man mourning the death of his son.

It's on the indy film circuit as an Official Selection at five film festivals, and will be screening at two Los Angeles events this week: The Pasadena International Film Festival and The North Hollywood Cinefest. It also recently took home two awards,  “Best Short” and “Best Cinematography”, at the Worldwide Women's Film Festival in Arizona in February.

Producers Deborah Glazier and Jana Park Moore say they want their success to encourage more productions to hire local talent.  “Our talented all-local crew created an award-winning short with a tiny budget that has the look and feel of an expensive Hollywood film. We hope that larger-scale productions will recognize the huge on-island pool of skilled filmmaking professionals and save money by hiring locally,” said Glazier.