Youth around the world protested climate change Friday, asking lawmakers to take action. Here in Hawaii, the rally was at the State Capitol. 

Event organizers estimated more than 400 people of all ages came out for the event. 

Waipahu high school junior Kawika Pegram spent almost four weeks organizing the event. He hopes it'll spark change in his community.

"Climate change is something that affects everybody. All of your friends, all of your family and everybody you know will be affected by climate change at some point if they haven't already," Pegram said. 

While he acknowledges the state’s initiatives to combat climate change, he says it’s not immediate enough for a pressing issue.

"While Hawaii's legislature is really great about tackling these issues, we need more. Simply enough, we just need more," Pegram said. 

Some state lawmakers agree.

"We have a goal and the goals way out there and it's supposed to make us feel good but where's the action? We know what's going to be coming and we need to really be prepared," Rep. Cynthia Thielen said. 

Over 100 countries world-wide took part in the protest. 10 speakers including state lawmakers and student environmental advocates spoke on stage about the urgency of climate change. Olivia Stoetzer was one of them.

"It's our future, really. We are reliant on the climate. The climate controls really everything we need to make sure it's protected and that our natural resources are here," Stoetzer said. ?