"Hawaiian Bath and Body is high end but affordable, a little bit tourist, a little bit local," owner of North Shore Soap Factory Debora Driscoll said. 

North Shore Soap Factory is at the old Waialua Sugar Mill inside the massive Cyclone. 

At the beginning of this adventure, owner Debora Driscoll knew very little about making soap. 

"No vendors, no recipes, no exchanges, no forums," Driscoll said. 

After years of trial and error, living and learning, it's much more than soap. Body wash, body butter, body scrub, bath bombs, lotions, there's no limit.

And the base of everything comes from our state tree, Kukui nut oil.

"It's deeply rooted in Polynesian culture, with properties that fight off eczema and sunburn," Driscoll said. 

The in-house master soap maker is Jonathan Isenberg, his history is mostly in the kitchen.

"He's a baker, he makes cheesecakes," Driscoll said. But what he's cooking these days smells and sells.

Each block of soap weighs fifty pounds, and Jonathan has made more than 6,000 of them and from each block comes 16 bars of soap. 

Everything they sell, they make, that's important to them. They also package their own products.

"It's gotta pop on the shelf, we want color," Driscoll said. 

Driscoll's business partner is Jerry, a McGyver. The soap cutter is made of guitar strings and fishing line. Some of the shelves are made of bowling lanes he got for free. 

"Jerry went down there, loaded his truck and it's beautiful," Driscoll said. 

And for some fun in the shop, Jerry makes stamps.

Debora moved here from California 25 years ago, nearly 2 million bars of soap later, Hawaii is home. 

"Very special place in my heart," Driscoll said.

North Shore Soap Factory, home of Hawaiian Bath and Body, Made in Hawaii, making dollars and scents.