The Department of Public safety moved twenty-one inmates from Maui to Oahu Thursday.

The detainees arrived in Honolulu where state sheriffs transported them to the Halawa Correctional Facility.

Staff at the Maui Community Correctional Center identified the twenty-one individuals as the inmates involved in Monday's riot that lawmakers believe started due to broken air conditioning units and overcrowding at MCCC.

Senate Public Safety Committee Chairperson Clarence Nishihara says the state made the right decision to transfer these inmates -- but it doesn't solve the problems that may have led to the riot.

"You move twenty-one people out of four-hundred something and they were overcrowded, they're still overcrowded,"Public Safety Committee Chairperson Clarence Nishihara said. 

As we first reported on Tuesday, some inmates at MCCC are forced to bunk with four other people in a cell. This is a problem Senator Nishihara says needs to be fixed. 

"There's real danger not only to inmates who are crammed into these cells but also to the guards that have to protect whoever is in the institution as well," Senator Nishihara said. 

According to the Department of Public Safety, Halawa 'cleared a unit' for the 21 detainees. 

The State says once the investigation is complete, the inmates would face criminal charges for Monday's event that left an entire MCCC module trashed.

All twenty-one inmates have yet to go to trial for the original charges that put them behind bars.