Patty Kahanamoku-Teruya is still grieving after her son, Keo, died on February 15 from a cardiac arrest in Nanakuli. She says not enough medical resources are in that area. 

“It seems that Waianae always get the butt end and it is unacceptable for that. It is unacceptable for us to have that, we should have more than two ambulances run,” Kahanamoku-Teruya said. 

The Emergency Medical Services reports two ambulances are stationed on the west side in Nanakuli and Waianae every day.  

There are 53 total ambulances on Oahu. 21 are on duty at any given time. One state senator says that's not enough. 

“We’re taking a chance and we’re not putting peoples lives on the line by just gambling like that, that is wrong,” Sen. Kurt Fevella, said. 

The last time the EMS system was evaluated was in 1991. The Department of Health funds EMS and says it's time for another review. 

“We do recognize and needs to be done... We must stay in the system. The system must be sustainable to offer these services,” Dr. Alvin Bronstein, DOH, said. 

Kahanamoku-Teruya says she'll keep advocating for her community. 

“My fight is to improve and tell the state of Hawaii if you can put $2.4 billion until the rail system, you need to put these funds into public safety,” Kahanamoku-Teruya said. 

Honolulu EMS responded in a statement to this incident, saying: 

"We understand that during medical emergencies involving loved ones it is always very difficult for the families involved."