HONOLULU - State lawmakers want to limit the amount of time kids and teens spend on their phones and electronic devices.

Senate Bill 433 was heard by the House Committee on Human Services and Homelessness Thursday. If passed, the bill would provide funding to a start a social media campaign pushing parents to limit their kids' screen time.

According to the Department of Health, the average kid in Hawai'i spends three hours playing video games each day.

Research shows excessive screen time can lead to depression, anxiety and even suicide.

KITV4 spoke to one man who says his video game addiction impacted his mental health and social life. 

"It definitely had an effect on my mental health. I did feel more depressed, it was related to social skills, knowing that I wasn't being able  to spend time with friends or spend time with family as much as I wanted to. It definitely affected me," said Justin Ho.

Experts recommend limiting screen time to one to two hours a day.

The bill passed in Committee and now heads back to the House for a second reading.