HONOLULU - 21 inmates have been identified in Monday's disturbance at Maui Community Correctional Center (MCCC) 

Those inmates have been transferred to Halawa Correctional Facility (HCF) without incident. Though the detainees are pre-trial status, the current circumstances dictated the transfer to a more secure facility.

“We are working with the courts to allow video conferencing for certain hearings, so we can minimize the need to transport these detainees back to Maui for court,” said Public Safety Director Nolan Espinda. “This large transport to Halawa went off without a hitch because of the team effort made by all involved”.

The staff at MCCC has been proactive in identifying the inmates responsible for the incident, and have assessed the damage in order for the facility to return to normal operations. Inmates will continue to be questioned to determine all parties involved. Once all inmates are confirmed to be responsible for the incident, they will be brought up on criminal charges, and disciplinary action will be taken, pending the outcome of the investigations.

Both modules have been secured since Monday's incident, although the common areas in those units are still unusable. Individual cells that are fully or partially operational, are now being occupied by inmates. Common area damage is still being assessed -- inmates in those modules will use the outside recreation field during their time out of their cell. 

Two inmates reported minor injuries due to the incident, and medical care for inmates has been continuously provided by facility health care staff. 

“At this point, and based on the actions of the participants, the motivation behind the disturbance and subsequent agitation appears to be dissatisfaction with conditions related to the extreme overcrowded conditions at the jail,” said Director Espinda.

The disturbance remains under internal investigation.