Hawaii residents are increasingly discouraged about their lives and their futures, and worried about how the next generation will fare in the islands, according to a new survey.

The state's high cost of living is a significant source of concern along with a lack of opportunities for themselves and their children, according to the poll which was done by the Pacific Resource Partnership.

Just 35 percent of those polled said they were much or somewhat better off financially than they were the year before.

A staggering 45 percent said that someone in their household had left the islands or considered it.

Well, buying 'green' is too expensive for the average consumer.

Bloomberg says Eco-friendly straws, sneakers, garments and packaging are often pricier than their conventional counterparts, leaving poor and middle-class people with not much of a choice.

For some products, such as organic food, the higher sticker price is reflective of the higher cost of creating that type of food. But others charge more simply because they can.

Food prices are expected to rise this year.

The USDA says the increase expected in food prices this year ranges from 1% to 2%, compared to a .004 percent gain for all of 2018.

The weather's impact on different regions of the country – from drought to hurricanes to floods to fire – are partly responsible.

Facebook says it's not sure what caused it's site, as well as messenger and Instagram to be out Wednesday but it's not a denial of service attack.

According to Downdetector, parts of the U.S., including the East and West Coast, parts of Europe and elsewhere.

For some users, they could open the apps but major functions were missing.