Since enforcement of the city’s Stored Property and Sidewalk Nuisance ordinances began on January 2, 2013, the Department of Facility Maintenance has collected more than 4.6 million pounds of material from city streets, parks and other public areas. This includes thousands of shopping carts and several thousand cubic yards of metals.

The City gave an example in order for the public to visualize how much material has been collected by SPO/SNO enforcement. A typical school bus weighs 25,000 pounds, so 4.6 million pounds would equate to 184 school buses. Stacked on top of each other, 184 school buses would be 1,932 feet tall, or 4 and a half times taller than the First Hawaiian Bank building in downtown (429 ft.), and twice as tall as the Eiffel Tower.

“It’s clear communities throughout O'ahu would quickly be overcome with blight and unsanitary conditions should the Department of Facility Maintenance stop enforcing our Stored Property and Sidewalk Nuisance ordinances,” Mayor Caldwell said. “Everyone in our island community must follow the law, and we will not allow our public spaces to be monopolized by any group. Thank you to our hard-working SPO/SNO crew members. These dedicated city employees start work in the middle of the night and deal with some of the dirtiest work in the City and County of Honolulu. Thank you also to our men and women of the Honolulu Police Department for their dedication and perseverance in this never-ending job.”

The breakdown of the SPO/SNO statistics since enforcement began in January of 2013 is as follows:

• Trash and Debris: 2,306 tons (4,612,000 lbs.)
• Metals: 3,229 cubic yards
• Shopping Carts: 14,276
• Bins for Storage: 3,779
• SPO Tickets: 4,858
• SNO Tickets: 1,436