HONOLULU - The man who sexually assaulted and attempted to kidnap a nine-year-old girl from an arcade at the mall was given the maximum sentence.

Judge To'oto'o threw the book at Jason Nolen, a convicted sexual predator who followed his victim around Lucky Strike arcade at Ala Moana Center, before touching her inappropriately. 

The former homeless-vet asked for leniency while continuing to deny the charges at his sentencing.

"He went to lucky strike not knowing who he was going to sexually assault, who he was going to try to take but he found a victim and he tried to do it. But luckily he wasn't able to because she was smart enough to fight back," said Deputy Prosecutor Kristen Yamamoto.

Nolen was given the maximum penalty of five years for third degree sexual assault, and ten years for felony attempted kidnapping.

He'll serve those sentences concurrently, with credit for one year already served.