HONOLULU - If you think technology is for younger people, think again. More seniors are using smart phones, and the apps that work with them. From tracking down discounts, to managing medications- there are a growing range of apps for the over 55 crowd. 

KITV4's tech expert Ryan Ozawa pulls up his dad Walter Ozawa's Facebook page. "He uses Facebook ten times more than I do. He just embraced it," laughs Ryan, who says initially, his dad was very skeptical and disinterested, but is now constantly on it, connecting with friends and family. 

The elder Ozawa is part of a growing group of seniors becoming more comfortable with mobile apps. That's good for him, as more and more developers come out with apps that target this generation. 

"There is a growing marketplace of them. Whether it's a dating app, or the most common things you're going to find are things that help with mobility or something that helps them track their medications," says Ryan.

Ryan says nearly half of seniors age 65 and up today have smart phones. That number has nearly doubled from five years ago. 

Ryan says one of the most popular apps for seniors is from AARP, an organization that strives to empower people as they age. "It has news specifically for seniors, local events, coupons and deals," he describes.

Ryan also recommends a free app for the vision impaired, called "Be My Eyes. It's a network of people who have trouble seeing and people who see fine. All this app does it connect one with the other," he explains. 

He also likes Medisafe, a free app that tracks your meds, and more. "It will call up drug interactions you should be aware of and designate members of your family to know when you take your medication," says Ryan.

Ryan points out that technology doesn't have to be intimidating. For instance, if you can't see the screen well, you can pull up the iPhone's magnifying glass! He whips out his phone to show me. "You go to settings, general, accessibility, and zoom. Turn it on. It gives you a magnifying glass," he says. 

Mobile apps are meant to be simple and accessible - and if you try them, you might find they help with Aging Well.