HONOLULU - Tuesday is National Pancake Day, so KITV4 wanted to get a little slice of local flavor for the day's festivities.

BASALT joined the Good Morning Hawaii crew to talk about their healthy spin on the traditional flapjacks.

Q: Why did you choose to make pancakes out of charcoal?
A: Charcoal has some wonderful health benefits. Charcoal reduces bloating, gas.  It lowers cholesterol.  It helps with digestion. Basically, it detoxifies the impurities in your body.  
We have many Japanese visitors to the restaurant and in Japan charcoal powder is considered a super food ingredient. As we were putting together our breakfast menu we wanted to do something with the BASALT theme.  We really liked the idea of creating a unique pancake that looked like volcanic rock but tasted like the best buttermilk pancake ever. 

Q: Can you show us what goes into the pancake?
A: We make our in-house buttermilk pancake batter with flour, buttermilk, egg and sugar.  (Chef will go over the ingredients while folding in refined charcoal powder.  In addition, he will have a pancake on the portable grill cooking ready to be flipped.) We also infuse the charcoal powder into the whipped cream.  We add Marscapone cheese to our whipped cream to give it a nice richness and smoothness which we fold in charcoal to give it a nice ash color to signify volcanic ash. So here we have three giant charcoal pancakes.  

Q: This isn't your first charcoal dish as BASALT restaurant? 
A: That's correct.  We stared out with our Pan da Sal (bread rolls) that we infused charcoal powder to add a nice beautiful color to our dinner rolls.   In addition, we use charcoal powder with our Bao buns on which we serve our pork belly appetizer.

Q: Tell us about these fun toppings on the pancake as you finish up.
A: Here we have three giant pancake.  We will finish them up with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, powdered sugar and our signature guava strawberry sauce.