HONOLULU - The Maui Community Correctional Center is still on lockdown after dozens of inmates started a fire.

According to the Hawaii Department of Public Safety, cleanup is still underway, and three staff members were injured.

This all started after a disturbance in one of the MCCC living units was reported just before 3 p.m. Monday afternoon. 

Inmates from that module were out in the common area on rec time. When rec time was over they were directed to go to their cells. 42 inmates refused.  52 complied with the order.

Inmates who refused the order began breaking fire sprinklers, which began shooting water out in the common area.  Maintenance was informed to shut off the water system.

Non-compliant inmates started a small fire in the common area and smoke drifted to an adjacent module where inmates there started a lesser disturbance.

Significant damage was sustained in the two modules.

No inmate injuries were reported, but  three staff members were treated for minor injuries

“I’m very thankful the incident was not more serious,” Mayor Michael Victorino said. “Mahalo to our adult correctional officers and Maui police for getting the situation under control very quickly.”
The department's website says Maui Community Correctional Center houses detainees before they go to trial. It also provides reintegration programs to prisoners due to be released on Maui.

A criminal investigation has been launched.