Oahu's annual Micronesian Youth Summit brought middle, high school, and college students of Micronesian decent together on Saturday, to explore their strengths, potentials, and futures. 
The  summit, put on by "We Are Oceania", was held at UH Manoa's campus center. 
It's goal. to empower Micronesian youth by bringing students back to their history and culture.

The Micronesian Youth Summit is based on four areas, college, career, and community readiness, and solidarity. 

"One thing that we add on this year that's different is we have a whole session that's called "My Micronesia", giving the youth an opportunity to look within and create that story, and start talking about that story," explained Jocelyn Howard, Program Director of We Are Oceania. 

Students attended workshops, forums, discussions, and other activities.  The theme of the Youth Summt, was "Navigating Success".