HONOLULU - The Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) released its annual report for the fiscal year ending in 2017 on the status and use of land on O'ahu.

The report focused on land use approvals, status of major improvements to city infrastructure, and other trends relating to the city’s eight development and sustainable communities plans. It was designed to help the private development community, the City Council and citizens understand how growth occurs, and how city development objectives are being met.

“The inputs received from developers show optimism for the future in that overall supply will significantly grow, but the need for lower income housing will continue to be a challenge,” said Kathy Sokugawa, DPP acting director.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Based on projects in the development pipeline and projects announced by developers, the current shortage of 8,500 units is expected to gradually decline, and the projection is a surplus of 12,000 units by 2040.
  • The population distribution continues to trend in a direction consistent with General Plan policies.
  • The share of low-income households experiencing severe housing cost burden continues to increase. These households’ share increased by 9 percentage points over the past 6 years.   

To view the report, click here.