Honolulu police are investigating a recent rash of robberies residents reported in Moanalua Valley. The latest home hit belongs to the CEO at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

Kamana'opono Crabbe tells KITV4 that thieves ransacked a multitude of traditional treasures Tuesday afternoon, everything from ni'ihau shell lei, a whale tooth pendant, and hand crafted kapa. 

"It's like I'm speechless while I'm talking about it with you because of the emotion that it arises out of myself how it really is something shocking to deal with," Crabbe said. 

According to Crabbe suspects also walked off with weapons used in Polynesian martial arts and protocol ceremonies.

A number of the items were gifted to him by cultural leaders. But its sentimental items that Crabbe says he desperately wants back, which include a lock of his late mother's hair. 

"Those belongings or heirlooms that belonged to my mother and grandmother. I humbly ask that you return them now," Crabbe said.

Surveillance footage captured images of a dark blue Chrysler thieves allegedly used during the robbery, and a close up shot of what appears to be a man in a long jumpsuit. 

Crabbe is hopeful someone will recognize the footage. Neighbors in the area say crime appears to be ramping up in the valley and has them on edge.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.