HONOLULU - A new report notes that taxes in Hawaii is especially tough on its poorest citizens, ranking 49 out of 50 states.

The WalletHub survey analyzed income taxes, property taxes and sales and excise taxes. 

It's Hawaii's sales and excise taxes that bite the lowest earners hardest, having them pay 8.43 percent of their income.

What is the average living wage to comfortably live in Hawaii?

According to Go Banking Rates, it's $136,437 -- by far the highest in the nation.

The study defines a "living wage" as the income you need to cover necessary and discretionary expenses while still contributing to savings.

Gas prices just made the largest winter jump in prices since 2015.

AAA says we may see another 20-cent hike or so over the next two months, or perhaps greater if there are any refinery kinks that arise.

Prices are still lower, on average, compared to a year ago.

AAA says the current average in Honolulu is $3.18 a gallon, on Kaua'i it's $3.52.

We now know how many Americans have had their identity stolen: one in five -- and it might be higher since nearly the same percentage admitted they didn't know.

This is the finding of Ncipher which encrypts data for businesses around the world.

Ncipher discovered that 20 percent of Americans suffer from security "fatigue" and don't trust anyone to protect their personal data.