UPDATE 3/6/19:

Before she was 'Kiona,' he was Kawika Boyd. In 2012 Boyd was the caretaker for Jeffrey Primack's Quigong retreat property in Hakalau, but in 2015 Boyd became transgender -- a change Primack didn't accept when he visited the site.

"I get fired and evicted for being me, and that was probably the darkest moment in my life." Said Boyd

She says that was only the beginning. 

"There were threats of strangling me. There were threats of physical violence if he ever saw me in public." Said Boyd

Boyd said with no one willing to rent to her, she was left without a home. 

"I just figured it was safer and less pain just to live out of my car." Said Boyd.

That same year Boyd found hope in the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission when she filed a discrimination complaint against Primack. 

"They took my story. Took my case. Did a lot of investigation. Found validity in my claim. And it took off from there." Boyd Said.

Chief Council for the commission, Robyn Wurtzel said, the commission investigated more than 300 processed discrimination cases in 2018

"About nine percent of the cases were housing related. 47 Specifically." Said Wurtzel. "I believe Kiona's case was the only housing case based on gender identity and expression."

Even though the fight for justice is over, Kiona said the struggle to get back on her feet is ongoing. 

"I'm still homeless, I'm still dealing with repercussions financially that it did to my credit trying to recover from not having a home. Trying to rent a place when you haven't rented in four years."

Kiona is supposed to get $95-thousand from the case but it still waiting. According to the commission, Kiona is looking in to further legal action. 



Last November's decision stands, a transgender tenant on the Big Island is getting $95,000.

Hawaii Civil Rights Commission ruled in favor of Kiona Boyd in a case of discrimination against her landlord.  

She has been property caretaker for Jeffrey Primack since 2012, but when the job started he identified himself as Kawika.

After visiting the site, the commission saw that she now identifies herself as a woman.

Boyd’s fair housing complaint alleged that Primack threatened to strangle and punch her, and gave Boyd one days notice to move out, forcing her to live in her car.

He was given time to but Primack did not contest the Commission's decision.