Joshua Barnes lived on Kuahea Street in Palolo for 22 years and just finished paying off his home. 

"We had no plans to ever moving, plan to retire and stay here," he said. 

While he doesn't want to move, his house has other ideas. His neighborhood is on a hillside that has been shifting, leading to structural problems.

"We’re seeing walls separate, we now have a gap and one wall exterior that you can almost put your hand through," Barnes said. 

The city closed down his street more than four months ago.
Just down the hill is Waiomao Road. One home had an uneven driveway in August 2018 but the home is still stable. Today, slabs of concrete has collapsed. 
The wobbly conditions have been an issue at neighborhood board meetings for years. 

"From the sound of it and the length of time, it has been a concern all the way back to the 1960s, I wonder whether that area should've been built up," Randolph Hack, Palolo Neighborhood Board chair, said. 

Right now, residents say the only thing they can do is evacuate once their homes fall apart, even after continuous complaints.

"We want any state or city and county agency to just come and investigate obviously implement some solutions up on Kuahea that's actually sliding towards Waiomao," Cory Kot, another Palolo resident, said. 

Some residents blame the city for not doing enough to stabilize the homes following numerous water main breaks. Others have sued the Board of Water Supply.
The board's lawyer told KITV the crumbling neighborhood is a result of earth movement in the area that started all the way back in the 1950s.