State Department of Public Safety say Oahu Community Correctional Center inmate Maurice Arrisgado Jr.'s escape lasted about 33 minutes.

"Escape is a major mistake, those things don't just happen... The administrative investigation will look into every detail on what happen that day. It's our responsibility and expectation to hold those accountable if need be accountable," Nolan Espinda, DPS Director, said. 

The inmate was reportedly in the release and intake area inside, coming back from a court appearance when he ran about 60 yards through an open gate. 

"Correctional officers who are repeatedly ordering him to stop and surrender continue to chase across highway into surrounding heavily populated residential area," Espinda said. 

Officers caught up with him in front of Saint Anthony Church on Puuhale Road and Kaumualii Street in Kalihi. 

"Repeated orders to stop and surrender continue to be directed at the still fleeing inmate," Espinda said. 

When that didn't work, Espinda said the guard fired one shot at Arrisgado Jr. Sources say it hit him on the back. OCCC officers are trained to shoot in order to stop escapees from fleeing. 

"It's the individual officer's decision based on what's happening at the moment and this is the decision the officer made and our evaluation and investigation will determine the legitimacy of that decision," Espinda said. 

After the inmate was shot, he was restrained and brought back to the correctional center before EMS arrived. He died later at an area emergency room.

One Kalihi resident lived in the area all his life and is not shocked about what happened.

"It's everyday over here. It's nothing new. To me, it's nothing new... People make wrong decisions at the time. i feel safe, I don't feel unsafe," he said. 

Arrisgado Jr. wasn't in custody at OCCC for long. He was arrested in Manoa Tuesday night for allegedly attempting to stab Honolulu Police officers when they tried to arrest him on a 500 thousand dollar warrant.

There are surveillance cameras inside the facility and the department is in process to collect footage for the investigation.