On Saturday four UH women's basketball seniors are set to play in their final home game of their careers and over their time have developed a special bond. We take a look at the connection between this senior group in Rachel Odumu, Leah Salanoa, Lahni Salanoa, and Tia Kanoa. 

"Rachel she knows how to sing!" Leah Salanoa said.

"I believe I can fly, I'm kidding I'm kidding," sings Rachel Odumu. 

Not actually kidding, it's too bad she just missed the American Idol auditions as Odumu sings more. Then it was her turn to put someone on the spot. 

"Tia, her sarcasm is on another level," Odumu said.

"Lord have mercy. Don't be trying to expose people Rachel," Leah said. 

In all reality what a career it has been Tia Kanoa. The senior from right here in Honolulu almost certainley going to finish first in program history for assists per game.

"I know I am going to be real emotional about how much support I have gotten from everyone around me. That's the part I might maybe cry. I don't want to do, it's just not cry," Kanoa said.

"Lahni is a big softie," Odumu said.

"It's like a family and has been like that all my four years like just having sisters around you all the time like so that is one thing that will stand out for me," Lahni Salanoa said.

"Leah is really really funny, she has good jokes," Odumu said.

Which Salanoa sister would win a game of one on one?

"ME, all the time, just kidding, we bump heads and go back and forth sometimes and we play till I win," Leah ssaid.