According to Jelayne Shelton, her challenge to live a healthier life, first started with a number. 

"I thought setting a number for myself would make it more valuable as time went on throughout the health journey, then I realized there were so many more things happening that kind of surpassed that number on the scale," Shelton said.

Weighing over 250 pounds at the start of this year, Shelton decided it was time for a lifestyle change.

Her inspiration? Running her first marathon in December. 

"The marathon completely changed my life. It really opened up my eyes to seeing how I was treating my body, both mentally and physically. Completing the marathon just told me I could complete anything else in my life," Shelton said. 

A victim of anxiety and depression in the past, Shelton says she used to turn to food as a way to cope. Now she incorporates exercise into her daily routine, including walking in her neighborhood and squeezing in time at work. 

"Maybe do some squats, maybe run back and forth, run around the building. You can make time. If you can sit down and watch YouTube for like thirty minutes, you have time to workout," Shelton said. 

This weekend she will be participating in the King's Runner 10K, the Hapalua Half-Marathon in April, and the Honolulu Marathon in December.

"I'm not going for a number as far as time goes. I just want to complete it," Shelton said. 

Throughout the process, she says she's realized that i's not just about losing weight.

"I have more energy to play with my children. I can actually run, and exercise, and not be out of breath. I feel so much happier. I think that's what the ultimate goal is, is to be happy," Shelton said. 

Since January, Shelton has lost 55 pounds.

Her fitness journey can be followed on her Instagram page.