Too afraid to reveal her identity, a victim in Hawaii's sex trade unveils what she calls traumatic exchanges with police. 

"Maybe I had a warrant and the officers would know that and tell me 'You take care of me, I'll take care of you," she said. 

We spoke to victim advocate Katherine Xian, who says numerous women in the sex trade have also come forward with similar allegations involving police.

According to Xian, victims that work inside a number of brothels in Honolulu also claim they're forced to give up part of their pay in order to avoid getting arrested.

Due to fear of retaliation, Xian encourages victims to file a report with federal law enforcement instead of HPD.

"When they have been assaulted or abused by corrupt police officers it is no exaggeration that when they consider coming forward with this information they are risking their lives in doing so," Xian said. 

Xian claims in extreme instances some sex workers that filed complaints against officers have never been heard from again.

"If the witness disappears there's no case and that is happened many times before. Involving? Involving the girls dropped in sex trafficking know this may be due to a pimp a John or a brothel or an owner or a corrupt police officer involved in this game," Xian said.

KITV4 reached out to HPD for comment. The Department responded asking victims to come forward so alleged incidents can be fully investigated. 

"I think that now with the new police chief there is a potential to take a top-down approach to really ensure that corruption is finally rooted out of the force once and for all," Xian said.